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Friday, February 4, 2011

New World Order

Remember when that terminal asshole, Paul Allen, backed a charter school initiative in 2000? Well, they’re back.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn says he can’t remember if he voted for or against charter schools the last three times charter school measures have been dangled before voters. Nor does he seem to know if he supports them now - at least officially.

Behind the scenes, McGinn is as diligent a Microsoft whore as one could find (Charter-schools idea back? Mayor talks with educators).

The following quote is priceless:

“It’s kind of like the Microsoft Connector bus from Seattle to that company’s headquarters, he said, saying he wonders why the city isn’t running that as a public service instead.”

Yes, Mike, the Microshaft Connector bus sounds like an awesome education model, and it will undoubtedly be even better after you force taxpayers to subsidize it.

But there's more good news on the horizon: The people who REALLY run the state of Seattle (aka Washington) want to take away your right to vote for an education chief. That’s right, Governor Chris Gregoire is spearheading a movement to transform the Superintendent of Public Education (SPI) into a cabinet-level position. The Governor could then appoint anyone he or she wants (Panel hears bill to take state schools chief off ballot).

Gregoire’s logic is simply brilliant:

“Gregoire said the people of Washington hold her accountable for state education, despite the separately elected superintendent.

“‘If the public is holding me accountable, make me accountable,’ she said.”

Senators and other interested observers had less than a day to read Gregoire’s 97-page bill during the Senate committee hearing. Business as usual.

Among the staunchest critics of the move is a convicted drunk driver, WASL champion and union whore extraordinaire, Randy Dorn. He’s also the incumbent SPI.

Senator Rosemary McAuliffe, chair of the Senate Education Committee, is on Gregoire’s side. I exchanged words with McAuliffe at a political forum during my last bid for public office. She's one helluva whore.

But the most ironic champion of giving away your right to vote is the League of Education Voters.


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