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Saturday, December 18, 2010

9/11: A Tale of Two Pentagons

I’m proud to count myself among the first to sneer at the government’s version of the 9/11 “terrorist” attacks. The red flags were simply too numerous and overwhelming, from George “Commander in Chief” Bush hiding in an elementary school classroom to the government’s obsession with hiding the evidence. Yet more red flags continue to march out of the smoke, ruins and government propaganda.

I just watched an episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory focusing on the Pentagon Attack. I was astonished - though hardly surprised - to learn about a woman who survived the explosion and actually exited the Pentagon through the hole created by that explosion and who recalls seeing no evidence of a plane. Ventura also met with pilots who insist that the hijacker who allegedly piloted Flight 77 could not have steered it into the Pentagon.

That’s two red flags I wasn’t even aware of right there. But here’s the knockout punch...

On Sept. 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference, revealing that $2.3 TRILLION in Pentagon funds couldn’t be accounted for. The punch line: Whatever struck the Pentagon the very next day hit the very spot where the related records were kept, also killing the very people who might have shed evidence on the missing money.

Suddenly, a little light bulb lit up in my head. Is it possible that the Seattle School District inspired the attack on the Pentagon?

The Seattle Mafia

If you enjoy conspiracy theory, travel back in time with me to 1999, the year I first ran for public office, gunning for a seat on the Seattle School Board. Mine was a maverick campaign. No one had ever attacked Seattle’s “Education Mafia” with my energy and persistence. No candidate for any public office had ever asked so many probing, embarrassing questions.

I think it was in August that another school board candidate, Martin Ringhofer, called me one day with the news that the Seattle School District’s legal office had been burglarized over the July 4 weekend. The story sounded a little fishy to me, but I decided to check it out.

I had a strange phone conversation with someone associated with the legal office. As I recall, they confirmed that a crime had occurred and began reading me the case number before they got cold feet and ended the conversation. I called the police and gave them as much of the case number as I knew. It was enough.

The woman I spoke to confirmed that “something” had occurred on July 4 - but the nature of the crime wasn’t clear. That struck me as very odd.

In the meantime, a local school district critic named Linda Jordan gave Ringhofer a couple documents that had allegedly been stolen from the legal office. One related to a massive fiscal scandal - pretty much a regular occurrence for Seattle Schools - while the other focused on an individual accused of sexual misconduct.

I had been active in education activism far longer than Ringhofer and was far more outspoken. So I thought it odd that Jordan gave the documents to Ringhofer rather than me. Over the years, I began to suspect that Jordan - who’s apparently a right-wing religious kook - was actually an operative working for the Seattle Mafia.

In other news, I was stunned when the Seattle Weekly - which I considered an ally - stabbed a historic school board campaign in the back, beginning with media whore Nina Shapiro’s article Tough School. I was still relatively new to politics, and I thought that media that appeared to be “alternative media” - like Seattle’s Seattle Weekly and The Stranger - really were alternative media, not corporate media.

I was stunned yet again when the Seattle Weekly later published what I still regard as the best Seattle education article written by anyone other than myself, The Olchefske Files (James Bush, The Seattle Weekly, Sept. 15, 1999).

Anyone who doesn’t believe in conspiracy theory should see how many scandals and conspiracies they can count in this one article, which may itself be a conspiracy within a conspiracy. Although the article would appear to be a great boon to my campaign, it was published too late to do any good.

The SPICE Scandal

James Bush’s article focused on one of the Seattle School District’s most sensational - and embarrassing - scandals of recent years, the SPICE scandal: “As for who burglarized the School District’s office and why, rumors persist that the break-in is related to financial improprieties in the district-run SPICE senior meal program. The program’s secretary, Laura Gauntlett, was convicted of numerous counts of theft last December but skipped her sentencing hearing and remains at large.”

But not for long. Shortly after the article appeared, Gauntlett appeared in court, where she was sentenced to a lengthy prison term. Martin Ringhofer was there, too. Funny how he seemed to get all the invitations; was my probing curiosity considered too great a risk?

Ringhofer described a very tense, stormy scene. He said Gauntlett’s mother was there, apparently learning of her daughter’s legal problems for the first time. Also on the scene was a Seattle Schools supervisor named Kenneth Camper, Gauntlett’s supervisor, and his wife, who warned Ringhofer to lay off - or else.

You see, Kenneth Camper was considered by many a bigger fish than Laura Gauntlett. In fact, some people suspected she was set up to pay for his even greater crimes.

The Campers even sent Ringhofer a signed warning to can the defamation in a plain brown envelope with no return address. (Why they would sign it but not put their address on the envelope is beyond me.)

Again, why didn’t the Campers ever confront me? I had a website focusing on the Seattle School District, not Martin Ringhofer. I had been trashing Kenneth Camper, probably long before Martin Ringhofer even heard of him. It was as if some unseen power was deliberately sidelining me in favor of an individual who was either an operative or an amateur who didn’t pose much of a threat.

The General

The story gets deeper, and, yes, there is a possible connection to the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. You see, the purloined legal documents also discuss a massive fiscal scandal involving a derelict retired general named John Stanford and a bankster, Joseph Olchefske. Stanford was the Seattle Schools’ superintendent, while Olchefske served as the district’s chief financial officer, replacing Stanford as superintendent after he died of leukemia.

Stanford had been recruited by corporate interests to spearhead the privatization of Seattle’s public schools, buoyed by a tidal wave of hype that bordered on science fiction. Stanford even spoke at the Democrats’ national convention. His friends and supporters included Colin Powell, Billary Clinton and Al Gore, who visited Stanford in Seattle.

Stanford - who claimed no political affiliation - was being groomed for a position as U.S. Secretary of Education, an office he probably would have been given under either President Al Gore or President George W. Bush. Of course, leukemia changed everything. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen donated a private jet to fly an entourage of notables to attend Stanford’s burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

So what?

OK, time to point out the connections between the Seattle’s Schools July 4 burglary and the 9/11 Pentagon attack. The Seattle School District and the Pentagon are both fiscal black holes, with no hope of redemption. Seattle Schools has furiously resisted all attempts to have it competently audited for generations. But what if someone did somehow ram an audit through?

Simple - just make the evidence disappear. And what better way to do that than to stage a burglary of the legal office, where the records are kept? And why not kill two birds with one stone and blame the burglary on a troublesome Laura Gauntlett, letting her take the fall for her supervisor and still bigger criminals?

Or maybe Gauntlett really did stage the burglary. Perhaps she was convinced that obtaining evidence incriminating her boss was her only hope of avoiding prison.

Actually, I doubt that. The school district seemed all too happy to simply sweep the scandal under the rug. I think things just evolved in a certain direction, and some corporate attorney(s) came up with a brilliant plan for solving several problems at once - burying two financial scandals at once while playing games with my political campaign.

Incidentally, the Seattle School District’s headquarters was nicknamed the Glass Palace, because of the weird things that went on there. But it was also known as The Pentagon, before the district moved into a new headquarters named in honor of the late (for anything but another perk) John Stanford.

So we have two Pentagons with hopeless fiscal woes, both of them run by generals, one of whom was being groomed for a higher office in Washington, D.C.

There may even be a Bill Gates connection. About the time of the general election - long after I’d been washed out, thanks largely to establishment games, I received my first computer virus ever. It was e-mailed to me by a local media whore who wrote for the Seattle Weekly and worked for Microsoft. He claimed he was simply relaying seasons’ greetings from Bill Gates’ father.

Again, I was relatively new to politics. “Why the Hell would Bill Gates’ father send me a veiled threat - apparently a warning to butt out of politics - when I’m running for a seat on the SCHOOL BOARD and have never even criticized Microsoft?” I asked myself.

That was my first clue that Bill Gates views the Seattle School District - virtually all of Seattle, really - as his personal fiefdom. He doesn’t want anyone reforming any subsidiary that stokes his megalomania with more money and power. I’ve already mentioned Bill Gates’ partner in crime Paul Allen donating a private jet to John Stanford’s grieving fan club.

So Seattle’s Pentagon was struck by an alleged burglary, which theoretically may have served to protect the school district from reform. Of course, a simply burglary of the Pentagon wouldn’t suffice. So the bastards staged a phony terrorist attack instead. Instead of making records disappear, they literally destroyed them - along with employees who knew too much.

Of course, I have no proof that the 9/11 Pentagon attack was in any way inspired by the Seattle Schools 4th of July burglary. The perpetrators of 9/11 doubtless had countless crimes across America to use as examples. But the mere similarities between the two events is amazing...to people who embrace conspiracy theory, at least.

People who don’t like to ask questions are welcome to go on believing that Muslims attacked the Pentagon, a former school district assistant running from the law broke into the district’s legal office, and it’s perfectly normal for both Pentagons to repeatedly lose vast amounts of money, no questions asked.

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David Blomstrom said...

Interesting question: Why would Donald Rumsfeld admit that $2.3 trillion was missing in the first place? Similarly, why would the Seattle Mafia let the public know about a major fiscal scandal via a burglary and newspaper article that were presumably designed to cover up the scandal in the first place?

The answer may be surprisingly simple: They released limited information in order to cover up a far greater scandal. Read WikiLeaks - What's a Limited Hangout?.